Welcome to Movable Do

Welcome to My Sight-Singing Blog

Look at the header image above. Can you hear the tune by looking at the notes? If you can’t, you will be able to after going through the lessons contained in this blog.

If you can, you might still find this blog useful, as I will present systematic sight-reading lessons using the movable do framework, in both clefs, and in all keys.

The tune in the header image above is a snippet from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. The syllables underneath are solfege. We will use solfege to train your eye to your ear, so that, eventually, you won’t need to print the solfege syllables underneath; you will just know what intervals sound like by looking at the notes on the staff.

Where to Start?

In the navigation menu for this site (above the image of the musical notes), you will find a menu labeled “Lessons”. You will want to start at Lesson 1, and move through them one at a time. Try not to move onto a new lesson until you are quite confident with the current lesson, but also don’t wait for 100% mastery of a lesson before moving on. You want to keep pushing forward and exposing yourself to more music, but not so fast that you get discouraged.

Help and Prerequisite Knowledge

For technical help, refer to the menu items for “Tools”. For prerequisite knowledge, like learning or brushing up on the solfege syllables, refer to the menu items under the “Prerequisites” heading.

Have fun, and please leave comments and suggestions to help make this a better reference.