C Major Solfege Reference

This page will familiarize you with the solfege syllables in the key of C Major.

Diatonic Scale
First, let’s take the familiar ascending “diatonic” scale that we’re all familiar with, the typical “do-re-mi”. Play the audio link underneath the image below, and sing the syllables with the piano.

Audio MP3

Ascending Chromatic Scale
You may be less familiar (or not familiar at all) with the solfege syllables for the ascending chromatic scale. This is the scale that goes up by half-steps. It is important to know these syllables as we learn to sight-sing, because when there is an “accidental”, or note that doesn’t land on the scale of the key signature, we will need these chromatic solfege syllables.

As before, play the audio link below the music, and sing the syllables along with the accompaniment.

Audio MP3

Descending Chromatic Scale
In the diatonic scale, the syllables are the same coming down as they are going up. Ascending, you sing “do re mi fa sol la ti do”. Descending, you simply reverse the order: “do ti la sol fa mi re do”.

In the chromatic scale, however, the syllables are different coming down than they are going up. A little confusing at first, but just run through it a bunch of times, and it will start to sink in.

Play the audio below the music, and sing the syllables along with the accompaniment.

Audio MP3

Well, that should do it. Once you become pretty familiar with the solfege syllables for C Major, you can start to work your way through Lessons 1 – 10 (all in the key of C Major). If you find during the lessons that you are stumbling over the solfege, just come on back to this page, and brush up a bit, and then return to the lessons.

If you’d like to print out the sheet music, here is a PDF of the C Major solfege reference shared on Google Docs: C Major Solfege Reference

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  1. gamaliel torres-moreno

    i am trying to learn the do moveable system in order to teach people on my church choir. we just began to practice a few months ago. we are already singing but we a have a lot to learn yet.